First blog post…

What is TildaOne?
July 30, 2015

First blog post…

The first blog post on the new website – how exciting. What will it entail?

This blog will be hand written (with a keyboard) by the team at TildaOne – we feel that, although we are not particularly skilled in writing, the content will make up for that.

Our goal is to provide some useful, concise and easy to read blog posts that take less than a couple of minutes to read. Our focus will obviously be around “Cloud” based IT services and products, but it will cover both the technical and business aspects of the subject.

Often we find that we’re investing time into resolving a technical problem that isn’t that well publicised and accessible via search engines.

The business related posts will be less technical, but cover off more appropriate topics for those who don’t consider the pure technical merit of the platform and need to justify its use case within a business environment.

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